What we do at Housing4Students: 


leases a large number of student housing each year, directly from the project developers. Often the framework agreement is based on a minimum of 2 years duration and we then rent out directly to the students.

At the same time, we offer administration to the landlord, and tenants are often educational institutions in Denmark, but can also be institutions that have international students with short or long studies in Denmark.

If the above is in your interest, please contact Housing4Student Int ApS via our HOTLINE: +45 4054 0048 or by mail to: vt@housing4students.org

Rent your student housing with us for free

Housing4Students offers the students, a comprehensive overview of offered student housing in Denmark, we are therefore your obvious partner.

Our most important communication platform is the internet, we always make it visible in the forum in which the students move.

Housing4Students embraces broadly and offers student housing, community housing, rooms, colleges, etc. rent exclusively for students.

Our 100% FREE housing portal is an extending arm for you as a landlord, and advertising a home at Housing4Students is free of charge and effortless for you as a landlord.

We have the contact between the landlord and the tenant, If you have a home that is interesting for a student, then we put the ad on our housing portal, and from there we communicate through our HOTLINE +45 4054 0048 the contact between the tenant and the landlord. You avoid getting direct inquiries, emails and calls from desperate students seeking housing, all communication goes via Housing4Student's housing portal.

It is so easy and free to rent out your student housing with us

As a landlord, you submit data, photo etc. per. mail to: contact@housing4students.org and must then not relate to anything other than the lease. Housing4Students prepares the lease agreement according to your wishes and conditions, guaranteed that the rental law in Denmark is complied with.

All financial transactions go through tenants and landlords.

We hope that the above gives you an insight into what Housing4Students Int ApS can do for you as a landlord, so if you have a student residence, a room, access to community housing or college, you will get no cost, 100% approach to our home-seeking students.

Contact us today and help us with helping the thousands of students each year looking for a student residence.

Kind regards TEAM Housing4Students Mail directly: contact@housing4students.org Hotline: +45 4054 0048