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Student Housing:
Housing4Student is the only 100% FREE housing portal for students in Denmark, we DO NOT ask for your creditcard information, we NEVER ask you to pay for applying for a studio and we NEVER ask you to pay upfront prior to you agreeing a lease contract with us!
Housing4Students is your verified landlord and we manage a large number of student housing, such as,- residence, studio share, dormitories, flats in colleges all over Denmark, feel free to email us on or Schedule appointment directly in the top menu.

• You can apply for a student resident at any time, you will find our listings with available student residences, in the top menu

• You will always receive your rental agreement through your enrolled email - After you have agreed and viewed the studio you are interested in -
Apply through schedule appointment in the top menu

• The residence will be reserved for you, once the rental agreement has been signed by Housing4Students (however during the end and the beginning of semester, we can only reserve the studio for 48 hours) So as soon as possible we recommend that you return your rental agreement, with your signature to:

• After you make a decision, please return the lease contract according to agreement - The rental agreement, will be emailed to you automatically, so make sure to enter your personal data correctly, throughout the schedule appointment sheet in the top menu.

• It is your own responsibility to keep an eye on the residence that are released on our site.

You will find that, in periods, there are many residence to choose from on our listings, and sometimes there is not, pending on how close we are to midterm and summer, however on a daily basis the portal will be updated, and news in regards to residens will be added - Apply via your email request below, and get updates automatically.



For the past 3 years, we have been assisting students in renting a studio, flat or rooms.
With a professional background for 24 years in real estate and communications, we have a thorough understanding of the rental real estate market and specializes in student housing. We know what it takes, to champion a student needs.

Whether you’re a EU resident or arriving from a country outside EU, we will be able to help you.
We manage a listing of student housing, and are experts in giving advice in the real estate law, and the laws in generel in regards to being af student in Denmark.



Client Reviews

The Team of Housing4Student helped me rent my first student resident, when first arriving in Copenhagen. Even though the listing price for student housing in Denmark is high, the Housing4Student team helped me rent a very nice and safe resident, to a price that I could afford. I am so grateful and want to recommend Housing4Student and the team hotline to everyone.”
Knowing that the student housing in Denmark is pressured and the price range go from expensive to very expensive, I was happy to get in touch with the Housing4Student team. Even though I arrived late in the evening, and had no place to stay, the hotline service provide a small renovated flat in Tobakskollegiet. It was the best help I could ever have wanted.
— Ali Ayana